On Thursday night I went on a trip to Milano!We arrived there at 12 o'clock so on Thursday we didnt do anything.On Friday morning, we went to Duomo where there is the famous square.Afterwards,we went shopping but I didnt really get anything because I am putting aside money for Christmas.I only got a top from Abercrombie and a Jimmy Choo perfume.On Saturday we went to some expensive designer's shops and just walking at famous roads.On Sunday, at 10 o'clock I was back in Greece and sad that I left...


rainy day

I am so so sorry for not posting for 2 weeks! I've been soo busy taking tests the past week that I didn't have time for doing anything..!I swear I'll try posting more usually!So,two of the things I am wearing are new(the skirt and the necklace) and I bought them on Saturday to wear them at a party;) I love both of them! The skirt is from pull&bear,the nrcklace is from Stradivarius,the top is from uterque and I don't actually remember where I bought my shoes with the bows....I hope you enjoy this post because I tried to make it better than the others because I hadn't posted for a long time.


Knitwear= LOVE!

My friend went shopping during the weekend because today is her birthday!!! I wish to her happy birthday from here too!So, she bought a lot of things including the sweater I am wearing and the one she is wearing.They are both from Zara.Mu leggings are from zara too and my boots are from an english brand that I don't actually remember the name of it but I bought them from harrods.My necklace is from a website called rings and tings.For Mahi's outfit, she is wearing my pants from zara and my shoes from UGG australia.She is also wearing her earrings from accessorize.So that's all for now and I hope you enjoy this post as much as we did while we were taking the photos.