The blog is back! (Artistic element)

The blog is BACK! It is back with a new concept. I have decided to combine fashion with art, my two passions. Every post will include one drawing of mine inspired by the particular post. My first new post includes a spring outfit with a skirt that I literally love. It is a skirt with suede pouches and different shades of blue, reminding me of summer. The suede material has been really popular lately, so the combination of the material with the color makes the skirt a unique piece. To make it stand out, the top has to be a plain one. Thus, I paired the skirt with a black shirt that despite the fact that it is simple, its babydoll vibe or night-slip top with the black lace makes it a little bit more special. These type of tops are very trendy lately because they are both simple but yet girly and romantic.
 The jewelry I used is only the earrings, which stand out as well due to my hairstyle, a relaxed up-do. They are unique because they have grey  diamonds, which makes them look vintage and old.

The shoes are lace up ballerinas, inspired by the jimmy choo style. They truly are a statement piece since lately they appear all over the fashion magazines and the Internet.

The purse is a small black one with gold hardware, a simple yet unique one again to let the skirt pop out. I love how this outfit turned out and I hope you like it as well. Also, I hope you like my idea of incorporating my drawings as well, since it is a great way to show you my art side as well. I will try to make each drawing unique and use different ideas and material. I hope this post inspired you to use a pop of color in your outfits, as well as starting to exploring an artistic side in you by making little sketches here and there of what really inspires you. 
                                                     |top| --> intimissimi 
                                                     |skirt| --> Zara 
                                                     |lace-up ballerinas| --> Zara
                                                     |purse| --> Michael Kors
                                                     |earrings| --> Accessorize 
                                                     |watch| --> Daniel Wellington  

                                                                                              Koralia Stergiou