End of summer...

Today it's the last day of summer...I know it's very sad!Me and my friend Ifigenia decided to have a mini goodbye photoshoot for summer a few days ago wearing summer clothes.I am wearing my stradivarius shirt,a topshop skirt and H&M ballerinas.She is wearing an unknown top and H&M shorts.Hope you like our photos!


Fashion at the balcony

Hi guys!I spent this weekend with my BFF (Mahi) in her house and we decided to have a photoshoot with summer clothes in her balcony as unfortunately summer ends in some weeks... Then we swam in her pool and afterwards we had a sleepover!Anyways here are the photos we took and you can see information about the outfits under the photos.Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions comment below or email me!










My Idol!

Nowadays I've been watching America's Next Top Model and I realized that I've finally found my idol!Allison Harvard from cycle 12 and 17 is soo pretty and has the style that I would really want to have!Her style is chic but simple,girly and has natural colours that I love.She has the biggest eyes I've ever seen and I just love her!Here are some pictures of her and I hope you like them!Always comment to say your opinion and if you don't like something I would really appreciate if you could email me so I can improve as I am a beginner here...(Click pictures to enlarge)



Want so much winter to come...!

So lately I've been in love with knitwear even though it is summer!When I went to London I bought so many knitwear because it was kind of cold there...I have about 20 knitwear in my wardrobe and that's why my mother said that it would be a good idea if I stopped buying more...I am trying not to buy more but this is soooo difficult!They make you feel so warm when winter comes!Anyways,I wanted to show you some of the knitwear that are in my wishlist or some that I have already purchased.You can wear knitwear with a simple pair of jeans and boots or with leggings and even with skirts!Knitwear make you look chic and fashionable so try different colours this year!Hope you like the ones I have here.I am looking  forward to winter!(I love grey that's why most of the pictures are grey knits.)
                                                                Koralia Stergiou

and has so beautiful lace!


Tweed chanel jacket = ABSESSION!

So lately I've been in love with the chanel jacket!I think it sums up the style I want to have and the one I am trying to represent.I believe by wearing one of those you suddenly become classy and stylish at the same time.You can wear one of those with jeans to make it less smart but you can also match it with a pencil skirt to make your look more proffessional.Match it with a pair of pearls and with black heels and that's a perfect look for me!You can find the same jackets in a lot of stores so you can buy one for way cheaper than the original ones.I have found some stores and I have linked them at the end for you!Try it and you'll remember me!



All about London!

So about a month ago,I went to a short course for fashion in Saint Martins College of fashion and design.I had to travel to London to participate in it.I had a lot of fun and I met a lot of girls that I ended up being best friends with them!I have a lot of photos that are some places that we went all together like the day we went to oxford street and oxford or the day we went to Vogue House.I also have photos from the two outfits I made there.After the short course ended I stayed at London for 1 week a,nd I went litterally EVERYWERE!I have photos of my outfits too and I hope you like them!I love London and I hope I live there when I get older!
                                                  Kisses, Koralia
V&A museum
                                                              oxford street

porto bello

                                                                  photoshoot with the clothes I made

                                                              Hope you enjoyed!