Want so much winter to come...!

So lately I've been in love with knitwear even though it is summer!When I went to London I bought so many knitwear because it was kind of cold there...I have about 20 knitwear in my wardrobe and that's why my mother said that it would be a good idea if I stopped buying more...I am trying not to buy more but this is soooo difficult!They make you feel so warm when winter comes!Anyways,I wanted to show you some of the knitwear that are in my wishlist or some that I have already purchased.You can wear knitwear with a simple pair of jeans and boots or with leggings and even with skirts!Knitwear make you look chic and fashionable so try different colours this year!Hope you like the ones I have here.I am looking  forward to winter!(I love grey that's why most of the pictures are grey knits.)
                                                                Koralia Stergiou

and has so beautiful lace!

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