Skiathos Paradise

A few weeks ago I visited the island of Skiathos with a group of friends. I must admit that it is one of the most beautiful and picturesque islands I have ever seen. I loved strolling around the island, taking photos in the small roads and enjoying the sun and the sea. 

                            The nature around the island was extremely beautiful. Many different colors, all bright and vibrant joined together to form an incredible summer atmosphere.

Of course the weather was extremely hot and I needed something light to walk around the island in the morning. For this outfit I chose a nice dress with a not so thick fabric in order to avoid heavy and hot clothes. My favorite sandals were again my choice, as they are for pretty much most of my outfits this summer. What was left is a small bag to carry the essentials and not bother my self with heavy and bulky handbags. This one also gives a nice pop of color to make the outfit look more like summer and fun.
Taking photos of interesting corners and random things on the island was my favorite. They all seem like art to me, which I love. 
I hope you enjoyed one more summer post and got an idea of how much beauty and fun this island acquires. I wish you all have an incredible summer and visit beautiful places that will create unforgettable memories. 


Athens it is!

So last week I was in Athens for two days and I got to remind myself for once again how much I love Athens! I love the streets of Plaka, the beautiful nature around there, even the busy roads of the center of the city where you get to notice each and every person running around. I just love its atmosphere. However, there was one problem. The unbearable heat. I already knew that it was going to be super hot, and therefore I chose a very light outfit to keep me cool.

I am wearing there summer shorts with a very interesting pattern, mixing different shades of blue. It is made from a very thin material that helped a lot. The top is another very light one made of a sort of silk material. It is also white, which makes it more cool because it does not attract the sun. 

Some silver chains were great for this outfit because they are not bulky and they are easy to wear. It feels like you are not even wearing any jewelry. 

How much do I love these sandals?! They are so thin and light but very stylish and unique. I think they are my favorite purchase of this summer. They go with everything and so I wear them pretty much everyday!

Of course I had to take some photos of the beautiful nature around the center of the city. Here, I was at the National Garden and I noticed these beautiful colorful flowers that I adore. 

Outfit Details:

-Shorts: My Tiffany 
-Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals (find them here) Ancient Greek Sandals
-Handbag: Michael Kors (find it here) Michael Kors