All about London!

So about a month ago,I went to a short course for fashion in Saint Martins College of fashion and design.I had to travel to London to participate in it.I had a lot of fun and I met a lot of girls that I ended up being best friends with them!I have a lot of photos that are some places that we went all together like the day we went to oxford street and oxford or the day we went to Vogue House.I also have photos from the two outfits I made there.After the short course ended I stayed at London for 1 week a,nd I went litterally EVERYWERE!I have photos of my outfits too and I hope you like them!I love London and I hope I live there when I get older!
                                                  Kisses, Koralia
V&A museum
                                                              oxford street

porto bello

                                                                  photoshoot with the clothes I made

                                                              Hope you enjoyed!

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