Two looks at the white wall.

Hi there! Yesterday I met with my best friend from Athens, who has also a fashion blog, and we decided to take some photos with two looks. One casual and one more dressy. Here and also on her blog you will see the photos that we came up with. I first put the more dressy look and as you scroll down you will also see the casual look. We decided to take the photos on a white wall as it was too dark outside and we actually liked the result because that way the outfits stand out more.  We had a lot of fun shooting for this post and we hope you enjoy our photos. Check out Elly's blog here ===> http://elly-fashionbitch.blogspot.gr/ (Super excited about my trip to Athens! I am travelling tomorrow and I am planning to post a lot of photos from there so stay tuned for that!) 
* I hope you like the new appereance of my blog :)


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  2. I adore your blog so much x keep up! :)



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