By the sea.

Hello hello! This is another summer post with a summer background, of course by the sea!
On a very hot summer day, even in a big city you would always chase the sea. That is what I also did, in combination with a great summer outfit in shades of blue

Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are very fashionable this summer and they are also cool because you get a little bit less hot with your shoulders out. This particular one is made out of a jean material and I really love it because the color screams summer and the ruffles are my favorite. 

A short necklace would be an interesting choice for off-the-shoulder tops because they let the top stand out without any chains or stripes confusing it. 

White shorts are very fashionable and stylish for summer because they are more bright and feel more light and cool than regular shorts. What I did is tie a small scarf around the shorts instead of a belt, which I find very interesting. I think it is more of a summer choice rather than a heavy leather belt. Also, the scarf floats in the air as you walk, which gives a nice movement to the whole outfit. 

Beige platforms are a beautiful choice for summer because they go with everything and they do not tire you as much as heels do. 

I hope you enjoyed this outfit as much as I did and got a feeling of summer through it. I encourage you to pick your summer outfit and go out, even if you are still in the city, and take some photos. Find your own place of inspiration for summer and embrace it through your photos. 

Outfit Details

-Top: Mango
-Shorts: Zara
-Scarf: Accessorize
-Platforms: Noir
-Necklace: Mango
-Sunglasses: Gianni Venturi
-Handbag: Michael Kors


Summer Crop Top

This week has been extremely hot and we can all feel that summer is finally here in terms of the weather. Therefore, when you are out and about in your city you need something fresh and light to keep you cool. A crop top and a light skirt or shorts is a great idea as an outfit. This specific crop top is even more light since it has a lot of cut-outs at the back. Of course during the summer you want to wear sandals all day, but I wanted something different to make the outfit more modern so I chose to wear these black shoes, which also have a short heel. 

The jean skirt is an old one which I rediscovered recently. I like it for the summer because it is light and short. Also, it has a nice wash with some small rips here and there. 

Since the weather is really hot, it is a nice idea to keep your hair out of the way so that you feel less hot. A braid is a very nice idea because it looks beautiful and it does the job. I decided to experiment with my hairstyle a little bit and I made a braid starting from the front and going around my head. You can try many different styles and find the one that fits your hair length and style. 

I hope you liked this post and that it helped you to choose more light and cool outfits for the summer. Have a happy and nice summer!
Outfit Details:

-Top: My Tifanny 
-Skirt: Dolce & Gabanna
-Shoes: Zara
-Purse: Michael Kors


Orange scarf all around.

This time I am showing you my obsession with this new trend. Wearing a small scarf in different ways. It is a great accessory for summer because it is lightweight, unlike necklaces and bracelets. You can add a color to your outfit with it or choose a settle one just to add a different pattern to your outfit and make it more interesting very easily. I am going to show you three different ways that I like to wear it. 

The first look is tying it around your neck. This is the most popular trend nowadays. It can easily replace a necklace and add a texture to your look. 

I recently bought these amazing sandals and I love them! They are called the Ikaria lace sandals but they remind me of Hermes's sandals from Ancient Greece. I love them because the design is very unique and interesting and the color is very nice because I can pair them with anything! They are my favorite right now.

This week's art is a collage I made using photoshop. I combined different photos of this post in three different photos and then put them together in a collage. It was my first time trying it and I really liked the result. You can easily make one using the app PhotoshopMix and make fun collages for the summer.

 I chose this orange bag of mine it matches the scarf and creates a color balance in the outfit. I bought it last summer because I wanted a colorful bag to take with me both whenever I am wearing a plain outfit and want to make it more interesting in an easy way and when I am feeling like wearing a lot of color and pair it with something different.

The second way I like to wear my small scarf is tying it around my hand. It is another beautiful touch to your look and more settle than tying it around your neck. However, it still looks very nice and it is very useful for summer, when you don't like to wear a lot of bracelets or sometimes even your watch because you are constantly at the beach and you have to take them off all the time. That way, you just tie the scarf around your hand and you still wear a beautiful accessory.

And the last way I wear this scarf is tying it around my head. You can choose your own way of tying it. Let's say, you can put your hair up in a ponytail or a bun and then tie it around your head, you can tie it like I did or simply around your head. I like to do this after I go to the beach, when my hair is still wet or curly because of the salty water. I think the scarf makes it more put together. 

I hope you liked this week's post! I think the scarf is a very interesting accessory for this summer, for the city or for the beach. You can find your own way of wearing it and one that suits your style. It is a very versatile piece and you can adjust it to every look and every place you are at. I hope this post inspired you to wear any small scarf or bandana you own in many different ways to make your look unique. Also, I hope the different collage I made by blending different photos inspired you to make one for the summer, blend different photos of your trips and create a unique colorful collage. 

Outfit details:

-Top: Zara
- Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch
- Sandals: Ancient greek sandals
- Bag:   Accessorize 
- Small Scarf: Hermes


Flowers on top

This week's post is all about blooming flowers. The weather lately feels like summer and the combination of the different smells of it together with the flowers blooming all over the town is what inspired me to create this outfit. Bright and fun colors are always in fashion during summer but this time this trend is especially in. Flower prints are all over the magazines, wether it is on a top, dress, skirt or even shoes. 

My art of the week is this collage of magazine pictures and drawings with water color. Inspired by the shirt I am wearing, I first drew the flowers and then took many different flower pictures from current magazines to create a collage. I really like creating collages because the idea of connecting different ideas and media is really interesting to me and I think it is the best way to create something fun out of random sketches and photos that inspire you. 

I paired the colorful shirt with white jeans because I wanted the shirt to be the main focus of the 
outfit. Moreover, white jeans are very trendy and beautiful for spring and summer because they are bright, light and a great way to change your bottoms from plain jeans to something more interesting. 

This bag is my ultimate favorite. I love it especially because I bought it with my own money, that I was saving for months especially for this handbag. I love its design because it is elegant but also minimal. I love the beige color because it is a color that can be worn all year round and is very easy as you can wear it with everything. I must say that Michael Kors is my favorite brand currently because it is a brand for young women and has many elegant but youthful clothes and designs of handbags. Since it aims mostly at young women, their prices are significantly lower than other famous brands and you can easily buy something, of course if you save some money. 

   I hope you enjoyed this colorful and summer post! I encourage you to go bright and colorful this summer, wear flowers in different ways and don't be scared to wear colors, even as a small pop of color. Summer is all about color and fun prints. Also, I hope I inspired you to create a collage with your inspiring photos and sketches, even if it is a collage of random pictures you found on a magazine. That would actually be more interesting as you would create a mind game and try to connect everything together.

                                                               Outfit details:

- shirt: Massimo Dutti
- pants: BSB
-shoes: noir 
- handbag: Michael Kors 
- watch: Daniel Wellington